Is this company a risk taker? Do they assess risks to achieve success?: 
The creation of ATA POP Homes has been the most daring and costly business experience of the company President’s life. As ATA POP Homes required focused research and development to create the best possible super energy efficient structure that could also solve the northern housing problem, general contracting services were mostly set aside. In the process of developing ATA POP Homes, the President faced numerous challenges in obtaining northern community support and funding as the development of this type of company was viewed as pointless and a threat by the established northern contracting industry. Discouraged but determined to succeed, the President persevered. Without outside funding and with limited support, ATA POP Homes continued its research and found homeowners willing to have their homes built at bare cost in exchange for use of the home for research and improvement of its own methods. The largest risk was the loss of nearly half a million dollars in personal investment and income for two years. During some difficult financial periods, the President even considered refinancing his family home to fund the research project. As large as the risk was, it was a calculated one as the President has 30+ years of contracting experience, and in the last 10 years, has acquired further expertise in energy efficiency and green building technology. ATA POP Homes also had the unconditional support of some family, friends, workers and community members. This combined with the President’s will to pursue his quest to make a difference for people in the north and the environment at large, tipped the scale of probability in favor of achieving success. Although the journey was long and very risky at times, perseverance yielded extraordinary results that will reduce the cost of cold climate construction and helped solve structural issues that were causing general health problems. ATA POP Homes is now positioned for constant growth and strive for improvement.
Discuss this company’s track record for hiring, developing and retaining staff.: 
For the majority of the last two years, only temporary help was needed in the development of ATA POP Homes. The intention now is to hire, develop and retain permanent employees and the company has had a successful start in the last six months. The employee with the longest retention record is Alex R. who has been working with Paul Girard for the last six years. When ATA POP Homes was created a couple of years ago, Alex R. naturally followed. During the last six months, up to five more permanent employees have been recruited and participated in the positive development and growth of the company. As part of its retention strategy, ATA POP Homes provides some employees with housing subsidies. This helps reduce the high cost of regional housing. As part of its development strategy, ATA POP Homes provides on-the-job coaching and intend to contribute to ongoing education and training. As the company grows, ATA POP Homes intends to build houses to accommodate all of its employees in need and offer extended health care benefits. ATA POP Homes is also planning for the future well-being of all its employees by implementing a collective long-term pension plan.
General / Other: 
As the president of ATA POP Homes, I, Paul Girard strongly believe that contributing to the reduction or elimination of our human carbon footprint through better building methods will result in a more active movement oriented towards super energy efficiency and will be beneficial to the preservation of the entire planet and the well being of future generations.